I already use Pocket for Firefox. What’s changed?


Thank you for using Pocket together with Firefox! This article explains how the Pocket button works in Firefox, what’s changed, and how to ensure that you’re using the latest version.

What does the Pocket button do?

Pocket is integrated into the Firefox browser, making it easy for everyone to save pages to Pocket.

If you used the Pocket add-on for Firefox, Firefox automatically transitioned to the new Pocket integration when you upgraded to the latest version of Firefox (38.0.5 or greater). Click here to check to see what version of Firefox you’re using and upgrade to the latest.

If you have been using the old Pocket Extension for Firefox (with the list popup) we highly recommend transitioning to the Pocket integration. Please continue reading to learn how.

Transitioning from the old Pocket extension for Firefox

As of June 2, 2015, Pocket no longer actively develops or supports the old Pocket extension for Firefox.

The old Pocket extension has been lagging behind our other platforms in terms of its stability and functionality, and many of its most valuable features are now available in Pocket for Web or our mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Transitioning to the new built-in Pocket integration will give you the most up-to-date, reliable, and consistent Pocket experience.

Here’s how to disable the old extension and switch to the new Firefox integration:

  1. Under the Firefox menu, go to Tools > Add-ons
  2. Go to the Extensions tab
  3. Click the Disable button for Pocket
  4. Restart Firefox. The old extension will be disabled
  5. Once Firefox restarts, you will find the new Pocket button in your toolbar

If you don't see the Pocket button after following these steps, please click here find out where it might be found: Where is the Pocket Button in Firefox?

We will continue to work with the Firefox team to improve the new Pocket button in Firefox, and your feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated. If there is something that you feel is missing from this new integration, please let us know.

Do I need to connect my Firefox Account with Pocket to log in?

Nope! You can continue logging into Pocket using the same credentials that you’ve used in the past. However, if you’d like to start using the Log in with Firefox button, that’s OK too. Just make sure that your Firefox Account email address is listed and confirmed on your Pocket Email Accounts page.

Where can I learn more?

Here are some articles that will help you get the most out of the Pocket integration in Firefox:

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