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Tags can help you organize the items that you've saved to your Pocket. They are very similar to folders, but they allow for even more flexibility since multiple tags can be added to any link. Continue reading to learn how to create, add and manage your tags. 

Adding tags to your saves

You can add tags to items when viewing your saves or archive. Here's how:

  1. Move your mouse to the item you wish to tag. If you’ve set your items to display in a list, click the tag button to the right of the item’s title. 
  2. Click the Tag button, and enter a Tag, pressing the comma or enter key to complete it. If you wish to add multiple Tags, press the comma or enter key to separate them. Click Save to finish.

You can also add tags to an article while you're reading it in Pocket. Just click the tag button in the top toolbar.

Bonus: You can add Tags to multiple items at once using Bulk Edit. Click here to learn how to use Bulk Edit.

Add tags when saving to Pocket 

When you save a page using the Pocket browser extension, you will have an opportunity to add tags to the item right away. Just click inside the Add Tags field to start typing. 

Suggested Tags with Pocket Premium

If you subscribe to Pocket Premium, you will see a list of suggested tags when adding them to a save. These tags are suggested automatically based on Tags you've added to your account. Learn More about suggested tags in Pocket Premium

Filtering your saved items by tag

When you want to focus your attention to only items that have a certain tag, you can use the tag filter. Here’s how:

  1. Click the All Tags button in the sidebar
  2. Select the tag you wish to view, and you’ll only see saved items with that tag.
  3. Use the drop down menu next to the tag name to see items in your saves, archive or favorites.

In the Tag Filter, you can select All Untagged Items to see items that haven’t yet been tagged.

If you subscribe to Pocket Premium, it’s possible to filter by more than one Tag at the same time with Full-Text Search.

Learn more about Full-Text Search in Pocket Premium

Editing, Merging and Deleting Tags

Edit a Tag Name in Pocket

  1. In the All Tags menu, click the tag you’d like to edit
  2. Move your mouse to the tag that you wish to edit and click the pencil icon

  1. Enter a new name, and press Confirm to save it

Merge Tags

Edit a tag's name to match the name of another existing tag in your account. This will merge them together. 

Delete a Tag

  1. In the tag filter, open the tag you’d like to delete.
  2. Click the trash can icon below the tag name. A pop-up will ask if you’re sure you want to delete the tag. Click Delete to finish.

Pinning tags to your sidebar

Pin your most-used tags to the sidebar to access the ones you use the most. Open the tag filter in the sidebar, then click the tag you want to pin. Finally, click pin tag and it will pin to your sidebar for one-click access.

You can pin more than one tag to keep your most-used tags within reach. Use this for your recipe list, study guides, shopping list and more. 

To unpin a tag, just open the tag in the tag filter, and click the pin button to remove it from the sidebar.

Common Questions

I've typed out a tag, but the Save button isn't active. How can I add a tag?

Just like the Pocket save extensions, press the enter or comma key to finish the tag. You'll see the Save button turn from grey to teal - click Save to finish adding your tag(s).

Is it possible to use folders to organize items in Pocket?

Though Pocket does not have folders, tags can be used in a very similar fashion to easily organize what you’ve saved. Adding a tag is like moving an item to a folder, and using the tag filter is like opening a folder to see only these items.

In the tag filter, select “un-tagged” to see items that don’t have any tags associated with them. 

Can I filter by multiple tags at once?

The Tag Filter only supports filtering by one tag at a time. However, Pocket Premium subscribers can use Full-Text Search to search for more than one tag at once.

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