Tagging in Pocket for iOS


After you’re finished with a saved item, tap the check mark to send it to the Archive. Archived items will still be available in Pocket, but only with a network connection. The checkmark can be found in the bottom toolbar after opening an item, or after swiping across an item in your list.

To access your archived items, tap the Main Menu, and select Archive.


Items that you particularly like can be marked as a favorite. Tap the Favorite button to add small yellow star badge at the corner to help them stand out. The Favorite button can be found in the bottom toolbar after opening an item, or after swiping across an item in your list.

To see the entire list of Favorites, choose Favorites from the Main Menu.


Tags are keywords to help describe your saved items. They are similar to folders but more flexible, since multiple tags can be added to a single item.

For example, if you save an article about productivity at work, you can tag it "productivity" and "lifehacks" to help find it later.

Once added, tags appear beneath an item’s title and source URL.

To assign tags, tap the Tag button, which can be found by swiping across a saved item in your List; in Bulk Edit Mode; and by tapping the reader overflow menu (●●●) in the bottom toolbar in Article View.

To find any items that contain a particular tag, open the overflow menu. Then, choose a tag to see all associated items. To filter by a different tag, tap on the Main Menu again. To clear the filter and return to your list, tap My List.

To maintain a tidy Tags list, you can rename, merge, and delete tags. To start, open the Pocket Menu, select the Edit option next to Tags. To edit a tag, tap the pencil icon next to the tag you want to edit. If the new name is the same as an existing tag name, they will be merged together. Tap the trash can icon to delete a tag and remove it from all items. 

Suggested Tags with Pocket Premium

If you subscribe to Pocket Premium, you will see a list of the most recent tags you've used to make organizing faster and easier. Learn More about suggested tags in Pocket Premium

Bulk Edit

Bulk Edit allows you to make changes to a group of items at once. It’s activated by simply pressing and holding your finger on an item in your list for about 1 second.

Next, select the items you’d like to change, and tap the action to perform: Tags, Archive, Favorite, Delete.

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