Pocket Premium: Customize your Reading Experience


The following reading options are available in Pocket Premium. To subscribe to Pocket Premium, click here.

Pocket Premium subscribers can fully customize their reading experience with adjustable text layout options and 7 additional Premium font options. Continue reading to learn what options you can look forward to using in Pocket after subscribing.

Adjusting your Font, Margins, and Line Height

You can create your own perfect reading experience by adjusting your Display Settings. Here’s a brief description of what can be changed:


In addition to the three free fonts that come with Pocket, Pocket Premium includes 7 additional fonts that are beautiful and unique, including Ideal Sans, Tiempos, Aldine 401, Whitney, Calibre, Sentinel, and Nat Grotesk.

Line Height

Adjusting Line Height will increase and decrease the vertical spacing between lines of text, letting you adjust the amount of text on the screen.


Adjusting Margins will control how much text can fit on each line, and determine the spacing between the text and the sides of your screen.

To adjust your Display Settings in Pocket on iOS:

  1. Open an article
  2. Tap the ●●● button in the bottom toolbar
  3. Tap Display Settings

Using Auto Dark Mode

When enabled, Auto Dark Mode will automatically switch your reading theme based on your location and ambient light. This way, you’ll always have a pleasant reading experience without having to manually change your settings.

To start using Auto Dark Mode, just open an article and visit your Text Options. Next, turn on Auto Dark Mode.

When you enable Auto Dark Mode for the first time, you will be prompted to allow Pocket to use your device’s location. This will tell the app when the sun rises and sets in your timezone and more reliably switch themes for you.

Important note: Auto Dark Mode adjusts to the ambient light by means of your screen brightness. If you have disabled Auto-Brightness on your device, or if you typically have your screen brightness all the way up or down, Auto Dark Mode may not reliably activate for you.

For those who are curious, here’s the technical details for when Pocket decides when to use light or dark theme:

If Pocket has access to your device location information: When the sun is up, Pocket will use Dark Theme if your device’s screen brightness is below 25%. When the sun is down, Pocket will use Dark Theme if your device’s screen brightness is below 50%.

If Pocket doesn’t have access to your device location information: If it’s after 8 am, Pocket will use Dark Theme if your device’s screen brightness below 25%. If it’s after 8pm, Pocket will use Dark Theme if your device’s screen brightness is below 50%.

Common Questions

Can I restore my Text Options back to default?

While we do not have a button to restore your Text Options back to default, here’s how to find the default setting for each:

Default Font: Yoga Mobi Default Text Size: Tap the - (minus) to decrease the text size as much as possible, and then tap the + (plus) five times Default Line Height: Tap the - (minus) to decrease the line height as much as possible, and then tap the + (plus) three times Default Margin Width: Tap the - (minus) to decrease the margin width as much as possible, and then tap the + (plus) two times

Which languages do the included fonts support?

All available fonts in Pocket support the Latin alphabet. The following premium fonts support the Cyrillic alphabet as well:

  • Aldine 401
  • Whitney
  • Nat Grotesk
Will you add more fonts in the future?

We’re happy to consider adding more font options in the future. If you have a favorite font that you’d like to see in Pocket, please let us know by requesting it here: Request a Feature for Pocket!

Will these features be included for Pocket Premium subscribers on additional platforms?

These reading customizations are only available on iOS at the moment. While we aren’t able to share a specific timeline, our goal is to provide consistent features across all of our platforms.

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