Bulk Editing in Pocket for Android


Bulk Edit helps you perform actions on groups of items at once. These actions include: Archive, Favorite, Tag, Mark as Viewed or Not Viewed, and Delete.

How to Use Bulk Edit

  1. Swipe across the menu at the top of the screen and select Edit
  2. Tap the items you wish to edit as a group
  3. You can Archive or Delete or tap the overflow button for more options: Favorite, Tag, or Mark as Viewed or Not Viewed.

To leave Bulk Edit mode without making any changes, tap the X button.

Common Questions

Can I select all items in my List or Archive?

It is not possible to Select All at this time, but many people find that using Bulk Edit in our mobile apps is helpful to select several items at once.

Can I use Bulk Edit to remove Tags?

It is only possible to add Tags to a group of items at once. If you would no longer like to use a particular tag, you can delete it and it will be removed from all items.

Click here to learn how to use Tags in Pocket for Android

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