Bulk Editing in Pocket on your Computer


Bulk Edit helps you perform actions on groups of items at once. These actions include: Archive, Favorite, Tag, and Delete.

How to Use Bulk Edit

  1. Go to the Pocket Website.
  2. Click the Bulk Edit button in the top toolbar.
  3. Select additional items by clicking on them.
  4. Once you’ve made your selection, click the action in the top toolbar that you wish to perform: Add a Tag, Favorite, Archive or Delete. If you’re in your Archive, the + button will show, letting you Re-add the selected items to your List.

To leave Bulk Edit mode after making any changes, click the Done button.

Note: The ability to select items in groups by holding the Shift key is not currently available in Pocket for Web. We plan to bring this functionality back in a future update.

Common Questions

Can I select all items in my List or Archive?

Due to technical limitations, a Select All button is not available. To select a group of items at once, we recommend holding the Shift key to select a large group at once, or use Pocket's mobile apps to select items with a quick tap.

Can I use Bulk Edit to remove Tags?

It is only possible to add Tags to a group of items at once. If you would no longer like to use a particular tag, you can delete it and it will be removed from all items. Learn about Tagging in Pocket on your Computer.

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