Following People on Pocket


When you follow your friends and interesting people on Pocket, you’ll begin to see their recommendations in your feed, alongside your recommendations from Pocket. You’ll also see their comment and quoted text (if they decided to include it), which adds helpful context when deciding if it’s something you’d like to view now or save for later.

Adding Friends

To find people to follow on iOS and Android, we’ve built an easy step-by-step tool to help you find your friends on Pocket. To begin, visit your Recommended feed and tap the Add Friends button. On iOS, it’s at the top right corner. On Android, it’s a green “fab” at the bottom right corner.

Suggested People

We have hand-picked this list of people who we think are making great recommendations. Just tap anyone’s name to learn more about what kinds of things they’ve been recommending.


By connecting your device’s contacts list with Pocket, you can see which of your friends use Pocket and follow them.

Your contacts’ information will never leave the device or be stored on Pocket’s servers. 

Facebook and Twitter

Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts will let you find your friends and people you follow on Pocket.

Viewing and Following Profiles on the Web

If your friends on Pocket share their Pocket username with you, it’s easy to follow them directly by visiting their profile URL in your browser.

Just replace the word “username” with their Pocket username in this URL: username.

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