Keyboard Shortcuts in Pocket for Mac

File Menu
Save from Clipboard ⌘S
Refresh ⌘R
Close Window ⌘W
Print ⌘P
Edit Menu
Tags T
Undo ⌘Z
Redo ⇧⌘Z
View Menu
Select Next Item J
Select Previous Item K
List > Home ⌘1
List > Favorites ⌘2
LIst > Archive ⌘3
Filter > All Items ⌥1
Filter > Articles ⌥2
Filter > Videos ⌥3
Filter > Images ⌥4
Switch to Web View/Article View    ⌘/
Increase Text Size ⌘+
Decrease Text Size ⌘-
Enter Full Screen ^⌘F
Item Menu
Archive A
Favorite F
Copy Item C
Mail Item ⇧⌘I
Open in Browser O
Open in Background ⌘O


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