Viewing your Saved Items in Pocket for Firefox


This article explains how to read articles in Pocket using Firefox, and how to adjust your viewing preferences.

To view your List in Firefox, click on the Library button and select View Pocket List.

We also recommend pinning the Pocket tab in your browser so it’s always accessible. To pin the tab, just right-click (or control-click) on the Pocket tab and select Pin Tab.

Viewing an Item

Click on an item to open it.

When you open an item in your list, articles will be displayed in Article View. This distraction-free, easy to read format is designed to deliver the best reading experience in Pocket. When viewing other items, they will open in a separate tab in their original form.

Item Actions

Use the item action buttons in the toolbar to perform the following:

Display Settings

You can customize Article View to create your ideal reading experience. To make changes, click the Display Settings button in the top toolbar. Here, you can control font style, text size, and reading theme.

Sharing an Item

Click the Share button  in the toolbar to view your sharing options.

  • Send to Friend - Send to Friend makes it easy to share items with others without leaving the Pocket website. Learn more about Send to Friend.
  • Share to social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Buffer
  • Permanent Copy - If you subscribe to Pocket Premium, you can view your permanent copy of this item. Learn more about Permanent Library.
  • View Original - View the original page in a new tab
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