Options for Read Later App Users

If you are a Read Later user who also uses Instapaper, we recommend the following options:

1. Continue using the current Read Later app

Although development and support for Read Later has stopped, you’re still able to continue using the app with your Instapaper account if you are a Subscriber. Please remember to include Read Later in your backups, since it will no longer be available through the Mac App Store.

2. Check Out Words App

Alternatively, there is a Mac app available under active development called Words App, that supports Instapaper. View it on the Mac App Store.

3. Give Pocket a Try

We invite you to try Pocket: It’s the most widely supported save-for-later service on the market, with official apps and extensions on every major platform. Pocket includes:

  • Official apps on Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire
  • Official browser extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox
  • Support across more than 300 of the most popular apps, including Twitter, Flipboard, Zite, Pulse, Tweetbot and Reeder.
  • Video support: Save clips from YouTube, Vimeo and the most popular video sites for seamless streaming inside Pocket.
  • A beautiful design and reading experience
  • Active customer support from a team of 10 who are passionate about making the best save-for-later service.

Sign up for free. You can also bring your Instapaper list into Pocket and compare them side by side.

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