Options for Read Later App Users

If you are a Read Later user who also uses Instapaper, we recommend the following options:

1. Continue using the current Read Later app

Although development and support for Read Later has stopped, youโ€™re still able to continue using the app with your Instapaper account if you are a Subscriber. Please remember to include Read Later in your backups, since it will no longer be available through the Mac App Store.

2. Check Out Words App

Alternatively, there is a Mac app available under active development called Words App, that supports Instapaper. View it on the Mac App Store.

3. Give Pocket a Try

We invite you to try Pocket: Itโ€™s the most widely supported save-for-later service on the market, with official apps and extensions on every major platform. Pocket includes:

  • Official apps on Mac, iOS, Android and Kindle Fire
  • Official browser extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox
  • Support across more than 300 of the most popular apps, including Twitter, Flipboard, Zite, Pulse, Tweetbot and Reeder.
  • Video support: Save clips from YouTube, Vimeo and the most popular video sites for seamless streaming inside Pocket.
  • A beautiful design and reading experience
  • Active customer support from a team of 10 who are passionate about making the best save-for-later service.

Sign up for free. You can also bring your Instapaper list into Pocket and compare them side by side.

Still need help? Contact Pocket Support Contact Pocket Support