Saving to Pocket from Opera Mini

It's possible to save to Pocket from Opera Mini on iOS. The steps outlined below allow you to create a bookmarklet inside Opera Mini, which will then allow you to save to Pocket in just a couple taps.

Installing the Bookmarklet

  1. Tap the Pocket menu, and tap Help
  2. Tap How to Save
  3. Find the "From Mobile Safari" section, and tap Install (Note: tapping Install opens Safari and copies a code snippet to your clipboard. This will be utilized in step 9.)
  4. Open Opera Mini, and go to any website (such as
  5. Tap the Star button in the URL bar, and tap "Bookmark this page"
  6. Tap the "O" button at the bottom, and then tap Bookmarks
  7. Tap the "Manage" button, and tap the bookmark you created 
  8. Change the title to "Save to Pocket"
  9. Delete the URL in the Address filed, tap in the empty space, and tap the Paste popup so the code that was copied in step 3 is inserted
  10. Tap Save

Using the Bookmark

  1. Go to a page that you'd like to save to Pocket
  2. Open your bookmarks list by tapping the "O" button at the bottom, and tap Bookmarks
  3. Tap "Save to Pocket"

Note: The first time you use the bookmarklet, you will be asked to log into Pocket. Your account will be remembered for all future saves.

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