Using the high-quality Alex voice on iOS


With Listen, you can have your articles in Pocket read out loud. It uses the built-in Text-to-Speech functionality on iOS, which delivers a pleasant and human-like listening experience.

In iOS 9, you can now download a high-quality English voice, called Alex, which makes this experience even better.

Please note that Alex is a 869MB download, so we recommend making sure that you have enough available space on your device before downloading. To learn more about the Alex Voice, please visit Apple's Support Article on using Alex on your iPhone or iPad.

Downloading Alex

Here's how to download and use the high-quality Alex voice:

  1. Download Alex. You can do this by going to Settings App > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Speech > Default Dialect
  2. Select Alex, and allow the download to complete
  3. Open Pocket, open an English article
  4. Start Listening by tapping on the ●●● button and select Listen (TTS)

Click here to learn more about all the ways you can listen to articles in Pocket.

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