Using the Pocket Bookmarklet On Your Computer

The Pocket bookmarklet is not being actively maintained. It may have trouble staying logged in, or when saving links from certain sites or in browsers that have certain settings configured or extensions installed. We recommend using the Save to Pocket browser extension for a more reliable experience.

Pocket is the best way to save pages you’d like to read and view later. There are a few different ways to save to Pocket from your web browser, but we recommend that you use our Extension instead to get the best experience. Click here to get started with the Pocket browser extension.

However, if you prefer not to install the browser extension, no problem! You can install our bookmarklet to save to Pocket in one click.

Note to iPhone/iPad Users: These instructions are for using a bookmarklet on a computer. If you are trying to install the bookmarklet on an iPhone or iPad see these instructions instead:

Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet on iPhone

Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet on iPad

How it works

When you are viewing a page that you'd like to save to Pocket, simply click the '+ Pocket' bookmarklet in your Bookmarks/Favorites Toolbar to save it to your account. Articles, blog posts, videos, images and virtually any site web page can be added to Pocket this way.

Installing the Pocket Bookmarklet

First, in order to ensure that the Pocket bookmarklet is easily accessible, please make sure that your bookmarks/favorites bar is shown. Here are instructions on how to make this toolbar visible in a few popular browsers:

Note for Microsoft Edge users: Bookmarklets are not supported in Microsoft Edge. To save pages to Pocket in this browser, please click here to install the Pocket extension for Microsoft Edge

Once your bookmarks/favorites bar is visible, follow these instructions to install and use the bookmarklet:

  1. Go to the Pocket bookmarklet page
  2. Click and drag the “+Pocket” bookmark to the Favorites Bar.
  3. Open Pocket to verify that the site has been added. Click here to open Pocket for Web

Note for Safari users: You’ll see that the bookmarklet is titled “Download.” After adding the bookmarklet to your Favorites Bar in Safari, you can rename it to “+ Pocket”.

Pro Tip: If you use Safari and sync your bookmarks with iCloud, you can install the Pocket bookmarklet on your computer and use it on your iOS device. Simply follow the instructions above, and in Mobile Safari of your iOS device, you will find the '+ Pocket' bookmarklet in the 'Bookmarks Bar' folder.

Common Questions

The bookmarklet cannot be installed in Internet Explorer

Some versions of Internet Explorer do not allow you to drag the bookmarklet into the Favorites Bar. To learn how to install it, please click here.

The bookmarklet says ‘Error Saving’ when I try to use it

Each bookmarklet is unique to a specific account. If you try to use a bookmarklet while signed into a different account, you will receive this error.

Please click here to read more about how to resolve this error.

The bookmarklet says ‘Please Login’ even though I’m already logged in

Please click here for instructions on how to configure Google Chrome to allow you to use the bookmarklet.

I do not have a bookmarks bar and/or cannot drag the bookmarklet into my browser

The easiest solution is to open your browser’s View menu and tell it to show the Bookmarks or Favorites bar.

If you are using a browser that does not let you drag bookmarks onto the bookmarks bar (like Internet Explorer), you can simply right-click the bookmarklet button and select ‘Add to Favorites’, making sure that you choose the 'Favorites Bar' location.

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