Pocket In-App Sponsored Content FAQ

Pocket users who don't subscribe to Pocket Premium may see the occasional sponsored post in the iOS and Android apps. We started this initiative back in February 2016 and it helps ensure that we can continue to sustain Pocket. Continue reading to learn more about sponsored content in the Pocket mobile apps.

Please note: We currently only show in-app sponsored content to users in the United States and Canada.

I’m not a fan of sponsored posts. Can I stop them from appearing in Pocket's apps?

Yes, if you would rather not see sponsored posts in Pocket's mobile apps, Pocket Premium is an excellent option for you. In addition to delivering an ad-free experience, it includes several features including unlimited text highlighting, a permanent library and much more. Click here to learn all about Pocket Premium.

I’m a Premium user, will I see sponsored content in Pocket's mobile apps or Pocket Hits email?

No. You will never see sponsored content within Pocket's apps or Pocket Hits emails. Thank you for your support! 

Will sponsored content be automatically saved to my List?

No. If you see sponsored content anywhere in Pocket, the item is just being shown to you temporarily and is not a permanent part of your list unless you choose to save it.

Will sponsors be able to see what I’ve saved, my activity within Pocket, or any personally identifiable data? What about usage of Device IDs?

Absolutely not. Your privacy and data is something we will always fiercely protect.

When using for Android, Pocket may share your Device ID with third-parties in connection to advertising campaigns, and you have the option of opting out of Device ID sharing. Here is some additional information about Device IDs and helpful information about opting out.

Will I have control over what sponsored posts I’m shown?

If you see a sponsored post you’re not a fan of, you can hide it and give us feedback on what we could do to make it a better experience. If you’d like to remove sponsored content altogether, we encourage you to consider upgrading to Pocket Premium, where you’ll never see a sponsored post as long as you subscribe and you'll get access to additional features.

Will I be able to tell the difference between a sponsored post and other items in my List or Discover feed?

Yes. Sponsored posts are clearly marked to differentiate them from other items in your List or Discover feed.

How do you decide which sponsors to work with?

We vet each sponsor before deciding to work with them. 

We routinely reject sponsors whose content we feel isn't a good fit for us - either because it's not worth a user's time or attention, or too niche a subject to connect with a meaningful audience.

We also have editorial guidelines in place to prevent any sponsor from promoting content that is illegal, deceptive, or violates Mozilla's Community Participation Guidelines.

Why does Pocket need to have sponsored content if it already offers Pocket Premium subscriptions?

Pocket Premium is and continues to be an incredible way for our users to support Pocket and also gain access to advanced features and functionality within the app. However, Pocket Premium is just one part of our business and sponsored content helps keep the core experience available to as many of our users as possible.

Where can I ask more questions or provide feedback?

Our door is always open and we’d love to hear from you. Please click here to get in touch.

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