Keyboard Shortcuts in Pocket for Web

Please Note: We recently launched a new version of Pocket for Web, and we are tracking an issue where it's not possible to select a group items by clicking on them while holding Shift. We're aware of this issue and thank you for your patience until it's fixed. Thanks!
Keyboard Shortcuts when viewing your list:  
Go to List
g then l
Go to Archive
g then a
Go to Favorites
g then f
Go to Articles
g then r
Go to Videos
g then v
Go to Images
g then i
Go to Search g then s
Bulk Edit g then b
Save a URL
g then u
Sort by Newest
s then n
Sort by Oldest
s then o
List View
v then l
Tile View
v then t
Change to Light Theme v then w
Change to Dark Theme v then d
Change to Sepia Theme (in Article View) v then s
Select Next Item
Select Previous Item
Archive Selected Item
Favorite Selected Item
Tag Selected Item
View Original Version of Selected Item
Open Selected Item
Open Help Overlay
?, /
Keyboard Shortcuts when viewing an article:
Increase/Decrease Font Size
Command/Control + -/+
Go Back
Toggle Full Screen Mode
Edit Tags
Archive Item
Favorite Item
View Original

Note: You can easily view the available keyboard shortcuts at a glance by pressing the ? key on your keyboard. 

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