Keyboard Shortcuts in Pocket for Web

Please Note: We recently launched a new version of Pocket for Web, and we are tracking an issue where it's not possible to select a group of items by clicking on them while holding Shift, as well as some keyboard shortcuts not currently working.  We're aware of these issues and appreciate your patience until they are fixed. Thanks!
Keyboard Shortcuts when viewing your list:  
Go to List
g then l
Go to Archive
g then a
Go to Favorites
g then f
Go to Articles
g then r
Go to Videos
g then v
Go to Images
g then i
Go to Search g then s
Bulk Edit g then b
Save a URL
g then u
Sort by Newest
s then n
Sort by Oldest
s then o
List View
v then l
Tile View
v then t
Change to Light Theme v then w
Change to Dark Theme v then d
Change to Sepia Theme (in Article View) v then s
Select Next Item
Select Previous Item
Archive Selected Item
Favorite Selected Item
Tag Selected Item
View Original Version of Selected Item
Open Selected Item
Open Help Overlay
?, /
Keyboard Shortcuts when viewing an article:
Increase/Decrease Font Size
Command/Control + -/+
Go Back
Toggle Full Screen Mode
Edit Tags
Archive Item
Favorite Item
View Original

Note: You can easily view the available keyboard shortcuts at a glance by pressing the ? key on your keyboard. 

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