How to use Send to Friend

Sharing with Send to Friend

To share using Send to Friend, just tap the share button and select Send to Friend. Then, enter the recipient'(s) email address, add an optional comment, and tap Send.

Your two most recent recipients will appear next to the Send to Friend button. Tapping one will automatically create a new Send to Friend message with that friend already inserted. 

Including a Quote

If you’d like to include an excerpt or quote from an article, it must be selected first. Just highlight the passage you’d like to send by pressing and holding on the article text and then adjust the highlighted portion. Then, tap Share, select Send to Friend, and follow the same steps as above.

Receiving with Send to Friend

When a friend shares something with you using Send to Friend, you can be notified in three ways:

Pocket Inbox

When you receive shared pages in Pocket, they will be collected in your Pocket Inbox, which appears as a green bar at the top of your list.


By default, you will receive a beautifully-formatted email message that contains the shared article along with the sender’s name, profile photo and any comments or quoted text that they had selected.


To customize your email notification settings, please click here: Pocket Notification Settings

Push Notifications

On iOS, you can opt-in for push notifications to be notified when items are shared with you. To do so, go to Options and scroll down to the Notifications section.

On Android, Pocket notifications are enabled by default, and can be accompanied by a sound or by flashing your device’s LED (if supported). You can customize your notification preferences in Settings – just scroll down to the Notifications section.

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