How to Save to Pocket - Overview

Saving to Pocket is easy. Just a few clicks or taps and you're done. Once an item has been saved, it will be available from wherever you access Pocket, on the web, or in any of our apps.

Ways to Save

Save via Email

Simply email a link to to save it to Pocket. Send it to your computer, mobile device, or wherever you have email access.

From over 300 Apps

Pocket is integrated in over 300 third-party apps, allowing you to save to Pocket without having to leave the app. 

Chrome, Safari and Firefox Extensions

Our Chrome, Safari and Firefox Extensions allow you to quickly save to Pocket from these browsers, and offer some additional integrations with Twitter and Google Reader

Bookmarklet on your Computer and iOS

The Pocket Bookmarklet lets you save to Pocket from virtually any browser. It's linked with your Pocket account, so the current page is saved whenever you click the button.

Manually Save to Pocket

You can also manually save pages to Pocket if the bookmarklet or extensions are not viable options. Please click here to learn how to manually save to Pocket

Share Page Menu on Android and Kindle Fire

On Android and Kindle Fire, save from virtually anywhere using the Share Page menu. Just tap 'Add to Pocket' and you're done.

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