Saving to Pocket via Email

Saving to Pocket is as easy as sending an email. When you send a link to, Pocket will check to see who the email is from. If that email address is registered with Pocket, the link included in the email body will be saved.

How to Save via Email

  1. Compose a new email message (or select your preferred email app when sharing a link).
  2. Type in the To: field.
  3. Type or paste the link you want to save in the Body of the email. (If you started by sharing a link, it should already be included.)
  4. Send the message. The link will arrive in your list momentarily.

Please note: the first time you send a link to, you will need to confirm your email address. Please watch your inbox for a confirmation message. 

Save from additional Email Addresses

Pocket uses the email address that a messages was sent from to determine where a link should be saved. If you want send links from more than just the primary email address on your Pocket account (for example, your work email address), you can simply add it to your Pocket account. Click here to add and confirm additional email addresses to your account.

Common Questions

Pocket says my URL was invalid. Why is this?

Pocket can only save links from emails. It does not save the full text of the email itself. Please make sure you include the URL you want to save in the body of the email. If there is more than one link in an email, Pocket will save the first one it finds.

I sent an email successfully but the link never appeared in my list

In most cases, Pocket should save your link within a few seconds. However, it is possible that saving email may be delayed by a few minutes, or in rare cases, an hour or two. 

If the link doesn't show up after a significant amount of time, please check your Spam folder. If there was a problem with your email, Pocket may have sent an automated reply with additional information, and this email might have ended up in your spam folder.

If the link never arrives and you haven't received any other communication from Pocket, please let us know

I sent multiple links, but only one was added

At the moment, it is only possible to process one link per email we receive. If you send multiple links, only the first will be saved to Pocket. 

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